Have You Decidedto Plan Your Own Funeral Service?

Whether you're twenty, thirty, eighty or any other age, have you decided that you would like to plan your own funeral service? Maybe you have recently attended the funeral of a friend or an extended family member and that meant you consider the time of your own passing away. Whatever the scenario, have you considered that planning your own funeral might be one of the most thoughtful things you'll ever do? After all, those you leave behind will be mourning your death. The fact that they won't have to plan your funeral will lift that burden from them.

If you are looking for ideas to plan your funeral service, from choosing to write a letter to those in attendance to even selecting your own headstone, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Funeral Service

Maybe you have thought of individuals who could speak at your funeral service. On the other hand, have you considered writing a letter that will be read at the service? By doing so, you could be in total control of what will be said.

If you do write a letter, consider expressing gratitude to those who have touched your life. And, of course, this would be the perfect time to express love to your family members and to your friends. Besides those more emotional parts of your letter, perhaps you could also write about things that you hold dear. For instance, if you have a passion for traveling that could be included in your letter. If you have favorite charities, you could tell why you chose to be a part of those.

Consider letting your loved ones select the music that will be part of the funeral service. By doing that, they will get to be part of the planning. Of course, it would be fine if you want to ask them to include specific music that you love at the service. For example, if you are a devout Christian, traditional songs like Amazing Grace or Holy, Holy, Holy might be your choices.

The Headstone

If you are planning your funeral service, you might as well also select your headstone. You could even include a quote to be part of the design of the headstone. A favorite scripture, a favorite expression or words from a favorite poem would all be appropriate as part of the design.

Be sure to tell trusted friends or family members where your funeral service notes are. Also, if you've paid for things like the headstone, include important documents along with your notes.