Did Your Student Just Trust You With The News That They Are Pregnant? 3 Benefits Of Helping Them Explore Abortion Alternatives

As a teacher, you never know what your students will say next. While you may know that you serve as a role model, it can be jolting to discover that a student trusts you so much that they came to you with one of their biggest life challenges. When you have a student facing an important decision, it helps to provide them with as much information as you possibly can. Helping your student explore abortion alternatives offers these benefits for making sure that you fulfill your duty to help look after their wellbeing.

Provide Them With a Trained Support Person

When you went to school to become a teacher, you likely covered how to write effective lesson plans and help children in need. However, you might have no idea where to even begin helping a student plan for how to handle their pregnancy. As a general rule, you may prefer to avoid having your personal opinion influence the student's decision. You might also be unsure of how you are supposed to handle this situation while staying in line with your goal of allowing your student to uphold their morals and beliefs. Connecting them to a trained pregnancy support specialist gives them someone to talk to who knows how to guide a young person through such a difficult decision.

Put Them In Touch With Essential Resources

While your student is trying to figure out what their future holds, they also have very practical matters to consider. In addition to needing your support, your student also needs to see a doctor, and they may have serious concerns about what they'll eat or where they'll live if their parents aren't supportive of them being pregnant. Programs that offer abortion alternatives typically also provide assistance with getting access to healthcare and prenatal visits. They may also be able to help your student fulfill other needs such as getting nutritious food to provide a healthy start for the growing baby.

Help Them Continue to Work On Their Education

At the end of the day, you may realize that your student still needs an education no matter what they decide to do. Going to school while pregnant presents new challenges, and your student may need things such as help with transportation or assistance with finding a college if they are nearing their high school graduation. Adding more support to your student's life helps them to find what they need so that they can continue to come to class in good health and ready to learn. 

To learn more about abortion alternatives, reach out to a medical professional with access to more resources.